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While buying a mens toupee you are investing into your personality. So you have to make sure to buy the premium hair replacement systems that would help you kook awesome. The best type of mens toupee is the one that gives such a natural look that no one can suspect that you are wearing something artificial. Many premium hair replacement systems already come with such realistic looks but in some cases you may have more specific demands. In that case you can achieve those objectives with the help of bleached. In this blog we will talk about the bleached knots, unbleached knots, their differences and pros/cons

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Bleached Knots

Some more demanding people may opt for belaying the knots to give a more natural look to the hair replacement systems. In the bleaching process some types of chemicals are used to lighten the shade of the knots which eventually results in changing the hair colours. In this process the hair cuticle is open-end up and the chemical reaches the cortex for removing the colour. Understandably the bleaching does change the original properties of the mens toupee.

The advantage of bleaching knots is that it kooks as if the hair are naturally growing out of your head. It looks much more natural no matter how closely one observes. The option is not without its specific needs though. Along with the right bleaching materials you also need the required tools and skills. Even minute effort during the procedure can damage the mens toupee. As should be clear by the procedure itself, the bleaching weakens the knots which can eventually result in hair fall. This type of bleaching cannot be done on synthetic hair replacement systems. You need to have more expensive human hair mens toupee if you wish to bleach.  It is equally important that the human hair mens toupee should have an intact cuticle. It is also impossible; to bleach the knot on the black hair.

If you wish to enjoy a realistic look and don’t have budget restrictions then it would be better to go for the bleached knots. The people who aren’t obsessed with the precise looks of their hairstyle may go for the unbleached knots. The advantage of unbleached knots includes cost saving and higher durability. If you don’t want the knots to be visible but aren’t interested in bleaching the knots then you can also consider going for the lighter shades as the light shade knots are not visible and thus there is no need to bleach them.

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One of the major advantage of bleached knots is that it is not as strong as the general mens toupee. So you would need to take extra care of your unbleached hair replacement systems. It will make sure that they should retain their best looks without losing their appeal. When you buy a mens toupee with bleached knots you are actually committing a good amount of maintenance for the hair replacement systems and for that you should also be prepared to invest good time and efforts.

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